Continuing cooperation with the University of Zilina


One of the closest geographically to Katowice universities is the University of Zilina (Slovakia). Traditionally, scientists of the Silesian University of Technology have longstanding business contacts with Slovak colleagues. Here you can note the participation in scientific conferences, the joint organization of symposia, scientific and pedagogical exchange in the framework of various programs, the implementation of joint research and even the defense of dissertations for the degree of doctor of technical sciences (habilitations). Especially close contacts have developed between transport faculties. In 2018, elections were held in Zilina for key positions at the university. In connection with the end of the cadence re-election touched the leadership of the university, the faculty of transport. The leadership of the leading journal “Communications” (included in the Scopus database) has also changed. In connection with the foregoing prof. A. Sładkowski visited the University of Zilina on January 9-10, where he met with the rector, prof. Jozef Jandačka, with the dean of the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport prof. Miloš Poliak, with the editor-in-chief of the journal "Communications", assoc. prof. Vladimír Mózer, as well as other colleagues. The issues of expanding mutually beneficial cooperation were discussed. These meetings were attended by another representative of Polish universities, prof. Paweł Droździel, vice-rector of the Lublin University of Technology.

Meeting prof. A. Sładkowski with Slovak colleagues. From left to right: prof. Radovan Madleňák; rector prof. Jozef Jandačka; prof. Aleksander Sładkowski; editor-in-chief of the journal "Communications" assoc. prof. Vladimír Mózer

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