Cruise on Pogoria


On August 6 - 17, 2019 Aleksander Sładkowski took part in cruise on a three-masted sailboat (barquentine) Pogoria. This cruise was organized under the title "Only Friends". Obviously, this title was very arbitrary, since not all were familiar, someone has repeatedly stood at the sailboat's wheel, and for some it was the first cruise. But as a result, it turned out that a very promiscuous crew, from 15 to 68 years old, became a single whole, real naval crew. In total, 938 nautical miles were passed along the route Swinoujscie (Poland) - Rønne (Bornholm Island, Denmark) - Gdynia (Poland) - Mariehamn (Aland Islands, Finland) - Riga (Latvia). This cruise was favored by the weather, since most of it passed with a fair wind under sails, which made it possible to develop an average speed of 6.3 knots. This cruise was a training one, the team gained extensive experience in pilot a sailing ship, a significant part of the team boldly climbed the yardarms and set sails, stood at the sailboat's wheel, knotted sea knots, turn on various watches, in general, knew all the difficulties of marine life. Experienced sailors passed this science under the leadership of Captain Adam Busz.

First meeting with the captain in the port of Swinoujscie

The third watch at the port of Rønne (Bornholm Island, Denmark)

Sails of Pogoria

Meeting with Captain Adriano Marcelino Batista aboard a Brazilian sailboat (frigate Cisne Branco - White Swan)

Pogoria at night

Boatswain Henryk Czerniecki

The third watch is preparing a festive cake in honor of the boatswain's birthday

Third watch at the port of Maryahamn (Aland Islands, Finland)

At work in the navigator's cabin

Neptune and his team. Initiation to the sailors of Pogoria

Riga. Day of the city

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