The visit to Almaty


In November - December 2018, prof. Aleksander Sładkowski once again visited Kazakhstan. This trip was connected with the cooperation of the Silesian University of Technology with the Kazakh National Research Technical University (KazNRTU, Almaty). Academic cooperation between these universities has been going on since 2011. Within the framework of this cooperation, mobility of teachers, doctoral, master and bachelor students regularly occur. The result is a series of joint articles in leading scientific journals and reports at international scientific conferences. During this visit, prof. A. Sładkowski, in addition to conducting joint research and a number of lectures for students of KazNRTU, held several consultations for doctoral students of KazNRTU, where he is supervisor. He also participated in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of prof. Leonid Krupnik - one of the eminent scientists in the field of mining machines. Cooperation is also developing with other universities in Almaty, in particular, with the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications (KazATK) and with the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi.

Meeting prof. A. Sładkowski with colleagues near the building of KazNRTU. From left to right: prof. Leonid Krupnik; prof. Ivan Stolpovsky; dr. Aigul Kozhakhan; prof. Aleksander Sładkowski

80th anniversary of prof. Leonid Krupnik

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