Железнодорожный рельс

Есаулов, В.П. & Есаулов, А.Т. & Алимов, А.А. & Шевченко, Е.И. & Сладковский, А.В. & Клименко, Ф.К. & Ковальченко, В.И.

(In Russian)
Railway rail
Esaulov, V.P. & Esaulov, A.T. & Alimov, A.A. & Shevchenko, E.I. & Sladkowski, A. & Klimenko, F.K. & Kovalchenko, V.I.


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Coordination meeting in Lviv in the framework of the SmaLog project


The coordination meeting in the framework of the SmaLog project, which is being carried out according to the Erasmus program, was held on 22-25 of October 2018... more

Fourth Polish-Georgian Conference “Transport Bridge Europe – Asia”


On 8-10 of October 2018, the next scientific-technical conference “Transport Bridge Europe-Asia” was held in Tbilisi. Silesian University of Technology is a... more

Seminar within the framework of SmaLog project in Batumi


On 12-14 of September, 2018 seminars for teachers and students of the Batumi State Maritime Academy were held in Batumi. These seminars were conducted within the... more

Anniversary of the faculty and conference in Pardubice


On 6-7 of September, 2018 Pardubice celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Transport of the local university. The solemn meeting was attended by university... more

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