Wear reduction on working surface of railway wheels

Taran, Y. & Yessaulov, V. & Sladkovsky, A. & Kozlovsky, A. & Gubenko, S.


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Visit to Novi Sad


18-24.04.2022 prof. A. Sładkowski visited the University of Novi Sad (Serbia, Vojvodina). This is the second largest university in Serbia with about 50 thousand... more

Visit of the TSTU delegation


Silesian University of Technology (SUT) has been actively cooperating with Uzbek transport universities over the past 10 years. Agreements on academic... more

On-line conference in KazADI


Kazakh Automobile and Road Institute named after L.B. Goncharov (KazADI) became the initiator and organizer of the Scientific and Practical International Online... more

Implementation of the FINALIST project


The CEEPUS program is one of the most intensively developing cooperation programs between universities in Central Europe. The word CEEPUS is an abbreviation for... more

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