Использование компьютерных технологий на механико – машиностроительном факультете НМетАУ

Величко, А.Г. & Ясев, А.Г. & Ермократьев, В.А. & Цапко, В.К. & Мушенков, Ю.А. & Сладковский, А.В. & Вдовин, В.Д. & Вышинский, В.Т.

(In Russian)
The use of computer technologies in the mechanical and engineering faculty of NMetAU
Velichko, A.G. & Yasev, A.G. & Ermokratiev, V.A. & Tsapko, V.K. & Mushenkov, Yu.A. & Sladkowski, A. & Vdovin, V.D. & Vyshinsky, V.T.


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The title of Doctor Honoris Causa was conferred for prof. Aleksander Sładkowski


On 10 of July, 2018, the General Assembly of the University of Ruse named after Angel Kanchev (Bulgaria) has decided to grant the title of Doctor Honoris Causa... more

Visit to Sofia


28-31.07.2018 prof. Aleksander Sładkowski had the visit to Sofia. In particular, in the Faculty of Transport of the Sofia Technical University the discussions... more

Symposium and conference «Transport Problems 2018»


On 25-26.06.2018, the VII Symposium of Young Researchers was held at the Faculty of Transport of the Silesian Technical University, and the X International... more

Participation in the work of the expert group of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency of Bulgaria


04.06-08.06.2018 prof. A. Sładkowski participated in the work of the expert group of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency of Bulgaria. The purpose of... more

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