First visit to China

Prof. Aleksander Sładkowski made his first visit to China at the end of July 2023. He visited the Institute of Automation of the Shandong Academy of Sciences. This structural unit is actually a research institute. It was founded in 1978. The main areas of research conducted in it are the development of new technologies for robotization and automation of production, and the issues of controlling automotive electronics and vehicles using new energy sources. Of the developments of recent years, robotic manipulators are of great interest, which can be used for technological processes, for example, in warehouses for various purposes; underwater robots; special warning systems for the occurrence of fires at industrial enterprises, and a number of other technical developments made at a high innovative level.

Five years ago, the Shandong Academy of Sciences was affiliated with Qilu University of Technology. This allowed not only to engage in scientific research at the above-mentioned institute but also to train high-level specialists, masters, and doctoral students. The Institute has an excellent laboratory base for conducting research at the world level.

Back in 2019, under the auspices of the Institute of Automation, an international team of scientific and teaching staff was created who could participate in joint developments in mechanical technologies, robotics, logistics, warehouse management, and related areas of science. This group, in addition to Chinese scientists, included specialists from Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and the United States. As a representative of Poland, prof. Aleksander Sładkowski took part in this team. Unfortunately, the subsequent problematic situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the work for some time, but in 2022, the project called "Key technology of mobile operation of warehousing and logistics robot" received funding under the regional (Shandong Province) program "Double Hundred Program for Foreign Professionals", which is aimed at attracting foreign scientists and professionals to joint research. This project was led by prof. Zhang Dong and dr. Xuelin Wang.

Prof. A. Sładkowski near the stand with a description of the project and its foreign participants

This visit of prof. A. Sładkowski to China was his first meeting with the Chinese team, except for the virtual conferences that took place earlier using ZOOM. Several meetings were held with the leadership of the institute, which were attended by president Zijiang Yang and vice-president Yanqiang Li, as well as project participants from the Chinese side. They introduced prof. A. Sładkowski with the institute's achievements in recent years. There was also an opportunity to view the laboratory facilities of the institute. For his part, prof. A. Sładkowski made a presentation highlighting the high position of the Silesian University of Technology and research activities at the Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering.

Exchange of views during the meeting of prof. A. Sładkowski with the leadership of the Institute of Automation of the Shandong Academy of Sciences

During the visit, lectures by prof. A. Sładkowski for doctoral and master students at the Institute of Automation were accepted with great interest. Interns from the Tashkent Technical University (Uzbekistan) also took part in these events. The prospects of the described project were discussed with prof. Zhang Dong. Prof. A. Sładkowski had the opportunity to visit the Faculty of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Control Engineering. Based on the negotiations, a joint decision was made to promote the signing of an academic cooperation agreement (MoU) between the Qilu University of Technology and the Silesian University of Technology.

Meeting prof. A. Sładkowski with staff, doctoral and master students

Discussion with prof. Zhang Dong future prospects for the project

Visit to the Faculty of Electronic, Electrical and Control Engineering on the campus of Qilu University of Technology

During a visit to China, prof. A. Sładkowski had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich history and culture of China itself, and especially of the Shandong Province.

Visit the Thousand Buddha Mountain in Jinan

Sufficiently far distance did not place prof. A. Sładkowski to take part in the conference, which was held in Bulgaria. Thanks to modern means of communication and the good bandwidth of the Internet channel in China, it was possible to participate in a meeting entitled "New opportunities for innovative development of transport in the Danube region of Bulgaria through the interaction of the scientific potential of the University of Ruse with stakeholders in the region." This meeting was attended by the leaders of the University of Ruse and the heads of the local administration of the cities of the Danube region of Bulgaria. Prof. A. Sładkowski was invited as an honorary doctor of this university and a specialist in the field of transport to speak to the participants of this meeting.

ZOOM meeting panel in Bulgaria

Presentation by prof. A. Sładkowski from China

Some participants of the meeting in Bulgaria

Following the visit of prof. A. Sładkowski to China, we can conclude that this was the first step in establishing contacts between scientists from the Qilu University of Technology and the Silesian University of Technology. This visit can be assessed as successful and promising. The next visit is planned for November-December this year.


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