BIP project “Modern logistics and transport solutions”

The Erasmus+ program is actually a complex of various programs aimed at developing education primarily in the countries that form the EU, but also in countries that are not members of this union. Some news among the projects implemented within the framework of Erasmus+ are the BIP (Blended Intensive Programmes) projects. These are relatively short educational programs that involve the participation of universities from different countries, within the framework of which short direct mobility of students and teachers is implemented, as well as distance learning for project participants.

The University of Szeged (Hungary) was one of the first initiators of organizing such a project. As a result of discussions with partners, it was decided to jointly organize a BIP project called “Modern logistics and transport solutions”. In addition to the University of Szeged, the project involved the Vilnius College of Technology and Design (Lithuania), the University of Novi Sad (Serbia), the Polytechnic University of Timisoara (Romania), as well as two universities from Poland: the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the Silesian University of Technology.

As noted above, the BIP project consisted of a virtual component, during which faculty from the identified universities taught students remotely. Such classes lasted from March 4 to March 15, 2024.

Lecture by prof. A. Sładkowski for BIP listeners, which was conducted using BigBlueButton software

The second part of the BIP project was organized in Hungary (Szeged and Budapest) from 18 to 22 March 2024. From the Silesian University of Technology, prof. Aleksander Sładkowski took part in the project, as a teacher, as well as PhD student Komil Turaev and intern dr. Assem Utegenova, as listeners.

Professors Istvan Biro, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, left, and Jozsef Gal, Vice-dean, open the BIP project

In the second row from right to left, prof. Bikić Siniša (University of Novi Sad), prof. Aleksander Sładkowski, dr. Assem Utegenova, PhD student Komil Turaev

During their stay in Hungary, in addition to practical and laboratory classes, the students had meetings with the head of the international department of the University of Szeged, with the leaders of the Faculty of Engineering of this university, visited the Regional Control Center of the Hungarian Railways, got acquainted with the technological process at the Szeged Tram Depot, saw and tested a new transport solution (tram-train), which connected the transport systems of Szeged and the neighboring city of Hódmezővásárhely, visited the Hungarian Institute of Transport Sciences and Logistics in Budapest (KTI), could personally experience on simulators the work of a tractor-trailer driver with a semi-trailer, a forklift operator, a crane operator, a painter in auto repair shop, as well as receive a number of other useful professional information.

BIP project participants visit the Szeged Tram Depot


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